we care

Barnabas Ministry

 This care ministry serves home bound and elderly people within our church community and beyond.  Barnabas volunteers make visits at least once a month, providing fellowship and spiritual care to those who cannot always make it to worship services.  If you are interested in becoming a Barbabus volunteer, or if you know someone who needs a visitor, please contact Pastor DeAnn at the church office or deann.eidem@clumc.com

Angel Food Ministry

 The Angel Food program provides meals to members who have an illness, a new baby, or just need a caring touch.  Meals are lovingly made and delivered by volunteers.  To request a meal or to volunteer, email Jeanette Keck at readtome49@hotmail.com 

Ride to Church Ministry

If you want to come to worship, but you need a ride, we’d love to give you a ride to and from church.  This service is only available right now for the 8;30am service.  Contact Jackie Tupper at 605-718-5523 or Earl Stucke at 605-390-4634 or 605-399-2067.  If you're interested in giving others a ride to and from church please let the Church Office know at 348-1080.


A Men’s Alcoholics Anonymous meets weekly on Monday’s at 7:00pm in the lower half of the church building.  

Prayer Ministry

Need prayer?  We have a host of people who will start praying right away.   Judy Lehner leads the prayer chain.  Her email is j8lehner@gmail.com.  We also have prayer shawl ministry.  We would love for you to have a prayer shawl that reminds you that we care and are praying for you.

Hospital Visitation Team

We want to offer prayer and care while you are hospitalized, in rehab, or recuperating from surgery.  Please let us know so we can visit you by contacting the Church Office or Pastor DeAnn.  

If you are interested in helping with this ministry, contact Pastor DeAnn at deann.eidem@clumc.com.

Grief Support

 We're starting a grief support group for  anyone in any stage of their grief journey. Call  Nancy Michlitsch  605-431-1748  to express your interest in this group.   

Cancer Care Kits

Our Health Ministry Team makes kits with items found to be helpful for those going through chemotherapy.  These kits include items for both physical and spiritual comfort.   To give love & support to someone going through cancer treatment, please contact the church office.  We will visit them with a kit, or get a kit to you so that you can share this gift.

Email Bev Searls at bevsearls@gmail.com, for more information.

For More Info

 Pastor DeAnn oversees our Congregational Care ministry.  If you have an idea for new ways we can show how much we care, or if you desire to serve on a care team, please let Pastor DeAnn know.  She can be reached at the church office or by email at deann.eidem@clumc.com

Prayer Shawls

Prayer Shawls are made to give comfort to those who are sick or in need of care and support.  Crafted with love and prayer, they provide a physical reminder of God’s love.  We have small pocket-size and larger lap-size shawls available in the welcome area outside the sanctuary.  Do you know someone who is discouraged, sick or hurting?  Pick up a shawl to give to that person.  Simply take the prayer shawl, fill out the card regarding the recipient of the shawl, and leave that card in the church office or the offering plate.  Then take the prayer shawl to that person - and you’re invited to pray with them, too.