discipleship pathway

At Canyon Lake, we care deeply about creating disciples of Jesus who are growing closer to God and one another. To that end, we have a discipleship path that helps foster spiritual growth for both the newest Christians and the life-long Christians. This path is both our Confirmation curriculum and a requirement for membership at Canyon Lake, but we encourage everyone in our community to participate. 

Each inter-generational session is 10-weeks long, with one session in the Fall (Sept. 15 - Nov. 17) and one in the Spring (Jan. 12 - March 22). We will meet in the Christian Life Center Classroom 1. Membership/Confirmation Sundays are December 1 and March 29. 

discipleship path classes

First Steps

New to the Christian faith? We'll partner you with a person to walk alongside you and explore the basics of the Bible and the Christian faith. You can meet with a mentor and move at your own pace in your own time. 

Connect 101

This class is a great way to connect with others at Canyon Lake. You'll learn the church's core values, history, structure, discipleship process, and United Methodist beliefs. 

Grow 201

The next step in the adventure is learning spiritual practices that will help you grow in your faith. in this class, you will learn about the Bible, various biblical interpretation methods, ways to pray, how to implement a daily time with God, and the importance of giving. 

Serve 301

In Serve 301, you'll assess your spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences. This is an important step to learning where and how you might best serve God through Canyon Lake. 

Reach 401

This next step leads you higher in your faith journey as you learn the importance of sharing your faith - and how to do it in a way that is inviting to others and more comfortable for you!

Ask a Pastor

This week is what it sounds like - a time for you to ask the pastors any questions you might have!

Contact pastor brett

To sign up or ask questions about the Discipleship Path/Confirmation, message Pastor Brett.

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