Welcome to CLUMC!


Welcome from Pastor Kevin

Hey there!  I am super excited to welcome you to Canyon Lake United Methodist Church!  We often refer to Canyon Lake United Methodist Church as CLUMC. I am a bit biased but CLUMC is an awesome place.  If you're looking for a church home, please know I would be honored to be your pastor!  We have three uniquely gifted pastors and a wonderful team of staff and servants who make CLUMC a fun place to worship, grow, and serve. Welcome to CLUMC!


PARKING AND MAIN DOOR: There is parking both above and below the church. The main parking lot is on top and that will get you closest to the main doors which are marked by the word "Sanctuary".  Handicapped parking is available.  

WHAT'S FOR KIDS?  Kids are welcome in worship all the time and anytime.  There is childcare available at all services.  When you walk in the main doors hang a left and down the hallway to the right is the Kid's Room. Our Kid's Room requires a check-in/check-out process for children who visit us.  This system is designed to make it easier to check kiddos in and help adults feel more comfortable knowing only they can pick up their kids.

Activity bags, for children (sorry parents), are located in Sklyar's Room just to the right of the sanctuary doors. Skylar's Room is also a quiet place where you can go with your child, if they need a little time to refocus.  You can see and hear the service from this room. 

Children's time is offered at all Sunday services.  It's a time for children to come forward for a special message from a pastor.  Children's Church is available at the Contemporary Service.  Following the Children's Time, a teacher will lead the kids downstairs to the BIG ROOM for fun and learning.  Kids will be brought back after the message.  Your kids can stay in worship or head downstairs.  The choice is yours.

Sunday School is offered during the school year.  Learn more.  

IS THERE COFFEE?  Oh my, yes.  How could one start the day without it?  It's free and you'll find it in the Coffee Bar room. That's the room just to left of the main doors when you walk in.  You'll also find donuts or other goodies available.  Enjoy!

HOW SHOULD I DRESS?  Any way you want!  Some come in shorts and jeans or dresses or causal pants and others in more formal attire.  Whatever makes you comfortable - we're okay with that.

WHAT'S THE INFORMATION PAD?  In worship, a pad is passed down the rows simply so we can gather people's information and know who is in worship.  We do this because if someone is a regular and we don't see them for awhile we want to check in on them. If you're new, it gives us your information so we can stay in touch with you.  Your first time at CLUMC you'll get a letter from us and maybe a phone call.  We just want to be friendly and thank you for coming and answer any questions you may have after your first visit.  We do have a weekly email that goes out.  If you leave your email we'll add you to it.  You can unsubscribe anytime.

WHAT'S THE NEWER BIG BUILDING?  That's the Christian Life Center (CLC).  The Middle School and High School youth have their spaces in that building along with a kitchen, gym, showers, fellowship space, a few classrooms, and a chapel.

NEXT STEPS?  If you've decided that CLUMC is your church (yeah!) or want to learn more you'll want to attend our discipleship classes.  These are offered on Sundays between services.  They last 10 weeks each and are offered in the fall and winter.