About our faith as United Methodists

At Canyon Lake, we seek to love God and others in keeping with our United Methodist heritage.

"Do No Harm. Do Good. Stay in Love with God." 

~Wesley’s rules adapted by Reuben Job in Three Simple Rules: a Wesleyan Way of Living

 Scripture, Tradition, Reason and Experience (the Wesley Quadrilateral) illuminate the core of the Christian faith for us.  For United Methodists, 

  • Scripture is considered the primary source and standard for Christian doctrine.

  • Tradition is experience and the witness of development and growth of the faith through the past centuries and in many nations and cultures.

  • Experience is the individual's understanding and appropriating of the faith in the light of his or her own life.

  • Through reason the individual Christian brings to bear on the Christian faith discerning and cogent thought.

Together, these four elements bring the individual Christian to a mature and fulfilling understanding of the Christian faith and the required response of worship and service. Learn more about The United Methodist Church here.